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The World’s Most Field and Lab-Tested Product!

The ETA Alkalizing Portable Water Filter is the most laboratory and field-tested product of its kind in the world, tested to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53 in more than 35 countries and 350 government and non-government laboratories around the world.

Find a detailed analysis of all our international lab test results here.

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Guarantees the Greatest Reduction per Contaminant

See how ETA’s exclusive IAMF technology compares to competing products in percentage of contaminants removed.

The Only Filter that Helps Remove Harmful Radiological Contaminants

Evaluated by globally renowned radiologist, P. J Noss:

  • Purifies water on multiple levels from biological contaminants, inorganic compounds, radionuclides, and organic compounds destructive to human health.
  • Helps remove cell and muscle-damaging Cesium 137
  • Helps remove thyroid-disrupting, carcinogenic Iodine 31
  • Helps remove malignant tumour-causing Strontium isotopes.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Here's a Quick Comparison between ETA and its Competition

Better to be Sorry than Safe - Said No One Ever!

To quote Environmental Health Professor Kelly Reynolds of the University of Arizona who studies the frequency at which Americans get sick from drinking water:

“It’s an endemic level of illness that we just sort of live with. We have to decide, is it an acceptable risk?”

The answer is obvious.

Make the smart choice and invest in your safety and health today with the ETA Alkalizing Portable Water Filter.

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