Clean water is a necessity we cannot live without. As human beings, we’ve always found ways of accessing clean water. The Mayans built filtering systems that removed toxic metals and bacteria. Ancient Egyptians used a mix of sulfates to remove solids from water bodies. Today, we use alkaline water bottles.


Why Alkaline Water Bottles?

Alkaline water bottles are a statement piece of the 2000s. We have engineered a product that gives us access to clean, pure, alkalized water on the go. No more having to wait in line at the office water filter, or buy a new bottle of plastic water every time you’re on the road. The Alkaline water bottle comes with inbuilt filters that filter out over 99.99% of water contaminants. 


Why is it a Must-Have in 2022?

As 2022 arrives, owning a high quality alkaline water bottle is becoming more and more relevant. America is facing a water crisis, and most water bodies seem to have some levels of contamination. 

Let’s break them down! 


Lead Contamination in American Water

Old infrastructure in American cities like Michigan has resulted in a lead crisis. The lead used in old pipes infuses with water, contaminating it. This leads to lifelong issues in children as well as adults. Children suffer from lower levels of IQ, lack of focus and decreased kidney function. In adults, it can increase blood pressure while decreasing cognitive and kidney function.

Complete replacement of the pipes can be time consuming, and almost impossible - we need a solution, and fast! Enter alkaline water bottles - the fastest, most accessible solution for this issue. An alkaline water bottle saves time, and guarantees safety in the water you will consume. No matter which state you live in, you will be guaranteed water that is free of lead. 

Guarantee safety with a bottle of alkaline water!


The Presence of PFAS

PFAS, known mainly as polyfluoroalkyl, are found in a number of man-made objects like jackets and nonstick pans. Through erosion, improper disposal, and other means, PFAS can wind up in local water supply bodies. According to the American Water Works association, PFAS are of growing concern in America. They don’t break down fast enough, and are retained in tap water consumed by most of us.

PFAS can result in learning difficulties in children and are cancerous if consumed. A recent study which sampled tap water across America found that 35% were ridden with PFAS. Since thousands of compounds are already in use in day-to-day products, and manufacturers keep introducing new ones, it isnt possible to mitigate the use of PFAS.

Alkaline water bottles have the ability to filter out toxic chemicals like PFAS. The inbuilt filtration system works to separate any foreign chemical that shouldn’t be in your system. Staying in or exploring the outdoors, you can safely fill up your water bottle with any tap water, and not worry about PFAS.

Arsenic is Still Sticking Around

Arsenic is a tasteless, odourless metaloid that’s plaguing America’s water supply. A study shows that when untreated groundwater from over 1,300 deep public-supply wells were sampled, constituents of arsenic were found in over 50% of the samples. High concentrations of arsenic are predicted to be seen primarily in the Midwest, extending from Ohio into Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Arsenic is cancerous, and leads to various health complications like diabetes and heart disease. In pregnant women Arsenic ingestion can lead to fetal complications while giving birth.

There’s plenty more reasons to own an alkaline water bottle. Stay safe and secure - invest in your health today!