You are living through a water crisis. Realized it yet?

Consider this!

Over 98% of people in America are exposed to hazardous contaminants every day simply through the water they consume. Contaminants such as PFOA, chromium 6, PFOS (a. k. a. "Forever Chemicals"), arsenic, and lead have been discovered in virtually all tap water supplies in the nation.

The adverse effects of these contaminants on our health range from impaired mental function, endocrine disorders, liver and kidney dysfunction, and even cancer. Let's take a look at one simple example that perfectly encapsulates America's water apocalypse from 2020 and beyond:

Research has revealed that PFOA, the infamous "Forever Chemical," exists in virtually all drinking water in the USA. This substance is a dangerous perfluoroalkyl utilized in everything from firefighting foams to even carpeting. That toxic substance has now found its way into America's drinking water.

Why is this bad you ask?

This "Forever Chemical" has been linked to kidney and liver damage, thyroid dysfunction, cancer, and an overall weakened immune system, and sadly, many of us—including children—have some amount of this hazardous compound in our bloodstream.

The time is NOW for us to take our water back. It's in our hands- our families' hands- to take immediate action. We can't wait for anybody else to end this water apocalypse. These toxic contaminants need to be taken seriously and the onus is on each of us to do what we can to eliminate this toxic compound from our water. Companies like ETA are striving to do just that by empowering people to take action into their own hands- using IAMF technology which has been tested and proven to remove up to 99.99% of all 4 main water contaminants including arsenic, lead, chlorine.

This is an astounding feat since most water filters can't reduce it at all. Americans can now have most of these contaminants removed from their water today with the ETA  Alkaline Water Filter Bottle. Why take even one more sip of contaminated water? 

Why should we continue to use toxin-loaded water in our ice cubes, coffee, tea, baby food or even our pets' water? Is our health something we should take a gamble on? We think not.

ETA has also been made one of the most affordable in its class relative to its 99.99% removal of water contaminants, 100-gallon filtration capacity, and instant alkalizing capability. All this includes having its efficacy tested and verified in over 35 countries and over 350 government and non-government labs around the world. Is $0.399 per gallon worth it to keep aesthetic, radiological, dissolved solid, and carcinogenic compounds out of the water you consume? That’s for you to decide.

America's water apocalypse may continue for months, years or possibly decades to come. But you no longer have to accept your water as it is, unthinkable and filled with sickness-inducing contaminants- whether it's your tap water or any other unverifiable water source on the go!

Humans comprise 80% water which means each system functioning in your body at this moment, be it your immune system, your reproductive system, your circulatory system to temperature control—literally runs on water. It's time to be Prepared, Not Scared, and empower ourselves with the solution- and portable one at that which gets rid of up to 99.99% of contaminants so you can live the full and healthy life you truly deserve.