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The portable water bottle that removes 99.99% of water contaminants while alkalizing it.

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Why people are choosing the ETA water purifying system

"I have a huge shed full of preparation materials. I always stay on top of new products coming out that would make for a good addition. When I discovered ETA by accident, was over the moon. I've told all my friends about it, some of which aren't even preppers themselves. It's truly a product for everyone.

- Rick T,
Orlando. FL

You can say I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. When the long weekend comes, anywhere away from the concrete jungle is where I want to be at. Thing is, you’ve got to be prepared for at least a few days more than your trip’s scheduled for. I’ve been in situations where I’ve run low on supplies especially water. It’s not fun having to choose between dehydration or consuming questionable water. The ETA filter has eliminated the risk of me ever having to resort to water with God knows what in it when I’m on the go. What sold me was ETA’s massive 100-gallon filtration capacity and the fact that it instantly alkalizes and filters at the same time. Saves time. Saves money. Saves my health. What’s not to love?

- Greg Stephanopoulos (50)
Arizona, USA

I was in Texas during the Texas power outage. It was one of the hardest moments of my life dealing with freezing temperatures, a house with a roof that caved in, and no free-flowing water. My only access to any water was a well a mile from my house. No one really used it and I had no idea what its source was or what was in it. I relied on my ETA Alkaline Water Filter Bottle which was fast to fill and instantly converted the well water of unknown origin, into water I had peace of mind drinking. I’m grateful to ETA for sustaining me through one of the worst times of my life where I very well could have contracted cholera, dysentery or something worse. Who knows? I’m just very, very grateful. It’s a lifesaver.

- Esther Shapiro (29)
Texas, USA

Having the ETA Alkaline Water Filter Bottle is such a comfort to me. I rely on water to feed my four-year-old son. Kailash, my son, was just a baby at the height of the Flint Water Crisis. With the horror stories of lead contamination and possible Legionella bacteria in tap water, we had to resort to spending significantly on bottled water. For drinking, washing, household cleaning. It wasn’t great! It certainly wasn’t cheap. I was in a perpetual state of fear for my baby because all we kept hearing on the news is that thousands of children in our state were suffering from lead poisoning due to polluted water. That experience has left my entire family traumatized. They say water in Flint is apparently now cleaner, but I still don’t trust it. How can you? So I use the ETA Alkaline Water Filter Bottle for everything because it gives me peace of mind to know for sure that the water we are consuming is clean and safe. I also like that it instantly boosts pH to 9.5 as I am a big believer in the health benefits of alkaline water. It’s honestly a lifeline to us.

- Shruthi Patel (40)
Flint, Michigan

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A revolutionary micro-filter system that removes and chelates contaminents in water.


Removes ALL 4 major areas of contaminents, responsible for undrinkable water.


Instantly alkalizes water up to a pH of 9.5, lasting up to 30 days.


Tested in over 35 countries & 350 government & non-government laboratories globally.

Safe Water, Anywhere

The most tested and trusted water filter bottles for emergency preppers, travelers, adventurers, and everyday users.

Removes Radiological Contaminants

Ensure extreme water filtration during a nuclear emergency.

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Why ETA is becoming the leading
for safe-water advocates

While most purifying water bottles test for the basic contaminants, ETA has taken it several steps further. Our bottle can protect you and your loved ones from the major 4 areas of contaminants, the very contaminants most guilty of causing water-bourne illness and disease.

Chemical Compound Others*
Chlorine 99.99% 95.00%
Chloroform 99.50% No Claim
Aluminum 90.00% No Claim
Arsenic 89.90% No Claim
Copper 98.50% 93.00%
Fluoride 65.00% No Claim
Lead 99.00% 99.00%
Mercury 99.25% 93.80%

How to use ETA

The revolutionary ETA water filtration system featuring our one-of-a-kind IAMF Technology can benefit everyone looking to drink clean water. Read on to find out how our customers are using their ETA Alkaline Water Filter Bottles.

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Filtering the World, 28oz at a Time

Every bottle we sell, we donate $1 to help, support, and
uplift our communities through our charity partner.


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